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Without clear and concise information about your entire Estate including proper procedures of governance and carefully prepared implementation strategies encompassing all that is important to the family, how can you make informed decisions and be prepared for the inevitable uncertainties that lie ahead


SEREIN has complete empathy in understanding the myriad of challenges and complexities that accompany the responsibilities of custodianship.

For many, it is like navigating in the fog and fearing the road ahead trying to deal with multi-faceted and interwoven elements without knowing where or how to begin.

When a family and its’ team of advisers are in control, they are empowered, resilient and prepared.

The starting point for a family to enable them to navigate with a clear vision is to have a clear and succinct overview of every aspect that is important to them under their custodianship.

The first step can be, and routinely is, for one small component of the issues that a family is dealing with. It can be personal, professional, administrative or assisting a family member with their emotional blocks.

Put simply, small steps are giant leaps forward.

The definition of “custodianship” is applied in its’ broadest sense to encompass the entire family’s wealth and legacy.

Wealth is much more than financial investments.

A “Family’s Wealth” encompasses all the elements important to the family and which they wish to protect, grow, nurture, preserve and endure for future generations.

There is no hierarchy to the elements. They are all important, interwoven and interconnected.

Aspects of a “Family’s Wealth”

Founded by Natalie Fruchaud, SEREIN was built by families for families to help them preserve what is important to them.

Our approach and philosophy were to apply complementary expertise and support the teams of advisers to ensure there was the essential coordination and to obtain clarity over matters which were beyond the scope of existing advisers but which helped them to be more effective.

It is essential to have clarity and transparency over the full picture of a “Family’s Wealth”.

SEREIN selectively shares its’ expertise and experience with other families to help them with whatever issue may be impeding them to achieve the family harmony and security they seek.

With an ingrained understanding of the challenges, SEREIN has full empathy and assists others with both the technical administrative matters as well as applying coaching techniques to address the mental obstacles holding a family back from accomplishing their goals.

SEREIN’s definition of a “Family’s Wealth” is the widest and broadest because that is what is important.


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