Family Collaboration & Support

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Families and family offices benefit from the knowledge of peers with whom they share common values, experiences and objectives. Insights from those who “sit on the same side of the table” are invaluable and keenly sought.

Many families and family offices have a sophisticated infrastructure and specialist expertise which can be accessed by other families on a selective basis or by private invitation.

Families work and collaborate together as they find common ground and feel secure with peers with shared life experiences.

At the heart of Serein’s philosophy and approach is to help others with the myriad of challenges surrounding the responsibilities of custodianship with a genuinely empathetic manner.


  • an innate understanding of the issues, whether simple or complex, personal or commercial
  • discreet and private “club” engagements with like-minded parties where interests are aligned and free of conflicts
  • leveraging and optimising complementary synergies and comparative advantages
  • empowering and uniting all generations to be involved and learn from others facing similar circumstances
  • privileged access to opportunities, specialist expertise, and infrastructure within a framework of governance and philosophy created by families for the needs of families
  • “clubbing” together to help families negotiate enhanced terms and access opportunities not otherwise available.

Serein’s Selected Insights

Occasional communication and selected insights deemed worthy to share and inspire others