Flourishing Be-ings

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Your health is an investment,

not an expense.


Flourishing Families

Wellness on all levels for every member of the family is key to unravelling and resolving the complexities which often hold many families back from accomplishing the simplicity, harmony and opportunities they seek.

Modern-day living can take its toll on all the dimensions of wellness.

Physical, mental and emotional health is gradually depleted if it is not protected and managed.

Whether one person or the whole family is feeling less than 100% in some way, this can have a significant impact on everyone and everything that is important to you.

A sustainable lifestyle focused on health and well-being across all the dimensions of wellness are the foundation elements in SEREIN’s bespoke well-being programme for individuals.


The Most Important Investment


You and Your Family’s Health

Manage Personal Risk and Optimise Potential

With a “first career” on the trading floor, SEREIN’s founder, Natalie Fruchaud knows a great deal about risk management.

She combines over 30 years of professional experience in finance (and, in particular, all that this entails personally for managing well-being for success) and her professional coach training to support anyone who is committed to making positive changes to the way they live their lives.

The first step: arrange a 30-minute Clarity call with Natalie.

Keep the family moving forward together.

Keep moving forward together with the family.

Take a deep breath and a quiet moment just for you.

How do you feel?

When your family, work colleagues, clients and friends look at you, do they see someone in a good state of health, flourishing and able to perform at their best?

How are you managing “key person risk”?


Take your first action step towards

sustained wellness and being able to function at your best,

Arrange a 30-minute initial Clarity Call with Natalie

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