Impartial Oversight

Being organised and taking control over identifying costs, risks and duplications of work is the single most important step a family can take in safeguarding their wealth and legacy.

Knowing what to look out for and having the expertise and infrastructure which is not conflicted by sales commissions is essential.


It is often prudent and inevitable that a family’s asset holdings are spread across a multitude of investment types, categories, and holding structures.

However, the widespread dispersion of assets, holding entities and different service providers that this necessarily entails leads to a loss of control and in many circumstances, an erosion of the family’s wealth.

Serein applies its’ expertise, experience and the provision of sophisticated infrastructure to empower those safeguarding their wealth to help them understand and retain control over their diverse spread of assets.

In brief, the collation of information and provision of clear, concise and transparent information in a single regular report to the family and their appointed investment advisers.

Competency applied to the collation of information and highlighting issues.

We do not provide advice, nor sell or manage investments.

Clear, Concise & Transparent Information

  • Alleviation of the administrative burden: collation of information in combination with impartial expertise for both financial and non-financial assets (such as art, antiques, property, chattels)
  • Access to Impartial Infrastructure: the application of institutional calibre tools, analytics, and access to complementary expertise to support your advisers
  • Independent Oversight & Monitoring: to enable you and your advisers to keep accountable the various investment managers, product providers and investment entities
  • Wealth Owner in Control: to not only enable but to also considerably enhance the ability to make informed decisions with the benefit of clear and concise information of your total Estate (financial and non-financial)
  • Informed Decision-Making: the independent oversight of the portfolio and centralised aggregation of all information for both financial and non-financial assets makes a compelling difference

Preliminary Review

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to clarify the potential impact on your situation.

It is not possible to forecast the value of investments.

However, taking control of all the costs borne to the family makes a compelling difference to the overall value.

Do you know how much a cost saving of 0.01% p.a. equates to in cash terms on your overall assets
when compounded over several years….? 

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