Complementary Expertise & Infrastructure

Access to the superior knowledge and infrastructure used by families and family offices globally is often challenging to attain and requires years of experience and a significant investment of time to gather.

Serein does not as a policy provide the products or services of “traditional” advisers as its’ skill set and expertise is complementary and unique particularly in the context of its application.

Other families and their teams of advisers engage Serein to address the issues which are outside their scope or ordinary remit but which make a tangible difference to the delivery of their service and results for the family.

We wish we had someone like you sitting on our side of the table. We need someone with the professional know-how to help us make sense of certain matters and support our team in quantifying the costs and risks for the known unknowns.

This quote is how Serein initially began and it remains the most regular starting point for a conversation and exploration of a potential collaboration.

As a private family estate office with the first-hand experience in sorting out numerous personal matters and administrative challenges, Serein shares its’ knowledge, experience, and privileged access to support services as required.

Serein has diverse professional experience and expertise but it does not as a policy provide any professional or regulated advice (including not managing investments) given the need for the services and the niche role it performs.

The facilitation, consultancy and administration services provided by Serein does not replace or duplicate existing teams of advisers.

Serein’s philosophy and objectives are to put you and your team back in control of your own private and personal matters by sharing its’ vast knowledge and know-how.

The extent of services provided by Serein is determined by the unique and specific requirements of its’ clients. The solutions are therefore inherently tailored and bespoke.

If you would like to have a preliminary conversation, please feel free to contact us.

The assistance of Serein is often provided where an individual or family and their advisory team would like to prepare an implementation strategy or address a matter with complete privacy from third-party service providers until they are ready to reveal their identity and personal circumstances to their chosen short list.

Working in coordination with the family and its’ team, Serein collates and prepares the detailed dossier on an anonymous basis and sources the appropriate service provider (s) for their review and consideration.

Serein’s Selected Insights

Occasional communication and selected insights deemed worthy to share and inspire others