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Get Clarity | Take Control | Drive forward

No one needs a coach.

The people who want a coach are those who value the exponential ROI from collaborating with a professional trained in getting right to the heart of issues and beliefs that may be buried subconsciously and sabotaging their success in achieving desired outcomes. 

It is the top performers who value and want a coach supporting and stretching them to be more efficient and effective in their pursuit of ultimate fulfilment.

Coaching is not therapy and it is not advising. It is for people who are functioning in the present and striving to be and do more.

You are the expert in your own life and are highly capable, but want to progress forward with a structured approach that optimises your strengths and resources to make success more consistent and inevitable.

The success equation is big lofty goals and incremental steps

combined with

an intentional, purposeful pursuit of accomplishment


Who I work with

I enjoy working with men and women aged 21 to 81+ who are committed to accomplishing remarkable results for any dimension of their life.

I typically work with men over 45 who want to sustain their success with meaningful missions.

The men I work with have significant responsibilities and their years of hard work have generated great success.

Financial success and or protecting family wealth may have also been at the cost of fulfilment in others parts of their life- family, relationships and health.

They may also be concerned that they will not be able to keep up the same pace and drive which led to their current level of success and what impact this will have on their life.

The risk of overwhelm is constant as is the fear of being on the edge of burnout or just lacking in vigour.

The pressure that they are under can be affecting their productivity and decision-making as their overall health and well-being is compromised, as well as relationships and happiness.

Reality has sunk in that they need a robust strategy to boost resilience but are not sure where or how to begin.

Altering trajectory and navigating possible lifestyle changes is not only daunting but also conjures up fears of having to give up the things that they currently enjoy.

Blending business skills with in-depth expertise in human performance, I help them to get clarity, take control of their direction and make more empowered choices so that they reinvigorate their youthful drive and enjoy the fulfilling life they define and want.

I help them to build on the lifestyle they currently enjoy to accomplish even more including serendipitous outcomes.

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Bespoke | Focused | Thorough

As our work together encompasses all 8 dimensions of well-being from career and business issues through to mental and physical functioning, it is thorough, all-encompassing and bespoke to your needs.

I only engage with a few individuals at any one time.

SEREIN’s 5 step approach to “Ultimate Fulfilment in 90 days” provides you with:

  1. Clarity
  2. Roadmap
  3. Motivation
  4. Empowerment
  5. Self-Leadership


The next step

With SEREIN’s 5-step approach to “Ultimate Fulfilment in 90 days“, we will upgrade your whole-person performance.

The first step is to arrange a Clarity Call with Natalie Fruchaud

Schedule a Complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call

Engagements are bespoke and co-created.


Our bespoke co-collaboration includes:

  • Regular coaching sessions (usually weekly or fortnightly)
  • Interim support
  • Strengths-based coaching approach
  • Experiential learning exercises
  • Skill development
  • Tools and strategies
    • Biofeedback resilience training tools can also be included as required
  • Business planning approaches to articulate and measure personal and professional outcomes
  • Curated resources
  • Specific interest support can be included and be mutually agreed upon. It includes but not limited to:
    • Bespoke support for situations, circumstances or projects arising (note: coaching behaviour and competencies approach and therefore no advice or consultancy)
    • Focused research for a specific condition or situation to assist with your evaluation of options and problem-solving
    • Facilitation of projects (connection with relevant parties)
    • Impact-focused
  • Selected Insights | Outcomes | What to Expect

SEREIN does not as a matter of policy provide regulated or professional advice.

SEREIN does not sell products or manage investments.

When we are doing ‘intellectual administration’, we focus on the critical aspects which are outside the scope of traditional advisers and support their engagement. No advice, just illumination, order and clarity.

When we are coaching, we help you to find the answers within you and elevate you to a higher state of functioning.

SEREIN’s Selected Insights

Occasional inspiration