Organised & Secure

Efficient organisation and addressing matters with simplified steps make a compelling difference in mitigating risks, costs and ultimately safeguarding the family for future generations.

The advice received from the plethora of service providers is more effective if they are diligently prepared and coordinated.

Where and how do we start…

It is so complex and the burden of trying to sort it out is overwhelming and anticipated to cost a significant amount in adviser fees to accomplish the organisation and order we require

This is the most common question by both families and their advisers.

The most important starting point is to make a start at organising information so that a full appraisal of the circumstances can be made.

Without clearly ordered and concise information, it is impossible to move forward and make informed decisions.

The role performed by Serein complements the individual’s chosen team of advisers. Serein was established with the core purpose to optimise the management and administration of the team and work alongside them.

The concept of the “virtual private office” in which a family can bring in specialist expertise as and when required has made the management of a family’s responsibilities much more cost effective to administer.

Serein assists and adds value to both individuals and families as well as large very well-resourced multi-family offices.

The protection of a client’s anonymity, privacy, and reputation during the process of sourcing advisers or collating information is one of the key areas which Serein adds values to other teams of advisers who cannot perform these tasks without the risk of compromising the privacy of the family and their activities.

The Serein process

A broad overview of the process after mutual agreement to engage Serein for service:

  • Secure transfer and storage of information
  • Collating information
  • Cataloguing and categorising
  • Organising information into a succinct and consistent format to facilitate direct comparisons and investigations
  • Summary of the current situation and circumstances
  • Supporting the family’s teams of advisers with the pertinent information they require (including undertaken specific investigations which are beyond their scope of expertise and remit)
  • Incorporation of the family’s missions and objectives in coordination with the teams of advisers
  • Analysis of the appraised situation versus the sought for outcomes
  • Identification of issues which need to be addressed. (Selected examples include: identifying unnecessary/excessive and or duplication of costs, unforeseen risks, duplications of work and misdirected advisers)
  • Preparation of action items and objectives in coordination with the family’s advisers
  • Implementation strategy or strategies
  • Obtaining additional information to support objective informed-decision-making
  • Ongoing monitoring and review (the situation and circumstances are perpetually evolving)

Client testimonial

In my 30 years as a lawyer, I have never seen such a detailed and thoroughly prepared initial client consultation

With Serein’s succinct and concise summary of the family’s circumstances encompassing all the pertinent issues together with the catalogued supporting documentation, I was able to swiftly focus upon preparing the advice and recommendations for the family

It would have been extremely costly for the family if we had to allocate additional resources of the firm to sift through all the irrelevant information in their boxes of files

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