Your first step

Success is achieved with big lofty goals combined with small measurable goals along the way.

Each step taken moves you closer to the outcomes you seek and a better, more fulfilled version of you.

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Empowered Be-ing

Success is more than reaching your goals.

It is about becoming the person you need to be in order to reach them.

The how

Working together in a mutually committed collaborative partnership, Natalie helps you to access higher states of functioning by applying her skills and experience focused on optimising mental and physical performance.

A truly accomplished and fulfilled person has mastered their own be-ing.

Higher functioning people have developed the skills for resilience, composure and mental clarity. They recognise the fundamental foundations of a very well mind and body.

Natalie’s approach uniquely combines 30 years of personal R&D into professional performance within a behavioural change framework leveraging specialist training as a Health Coach, Life Coach, Cardiac Coherence Coach and Nutrition Coach.

She works with her clients to co-create lasting transformation leveraging advances in neuroscience to attain superior levels of mental and physical functioning as opposed to individuals being reliant upon short-term coping and relaxation strategies.

If you are committed to accomplishing more with ease, the first step is to arrange a Discovery Call with Natalie.

You have everything you need within you. Activate and develop your innate intelligence.

Your specific and individual needs set the agenda. The “programme” is inherently bespoke and an outline of indicative time-frames and options include:

  • 20-minute Discovery Call (complimentary)
  • 90-minute Insight & Chemistry session
  • Empowered Well-being | Survive & Thrive | Minimum 12-week bespoke engagement with 1-hour weekly coaching sessions (incorporates all the tools and experiential learning including biofeedback for managing and monitoring the body’s automatic physiological responses to boost resilience).
  • Intelligent Energy Management | Minimum of four, 90-minute combined coaching and experiential learning exercises for enhancing resilience across the 4 domains incorporating biofeedback training tools to monitor the physiological impact in real-time.
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