Be More – Do More

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To accomplish more with ease and achieve the success you desire is dependent on…you.

You create your own future by the choices you make in your own mind.

Circumstances cannot be controlled but how you embrace situations and change may need to be.

Changing the way you think, act and respond to situations is within your control.

It requires making the choice and the commitment to be-ing and do-ing things aligned with your values and the vision you seek.

You already have all the insight and wisdom within you. A coach just holds the key to help you unlock your strengths.

The How and What

No one needs a coach. We can all get to where we want to be eventually.

If however, you want to move forward with exponential rather than incremental growth, a coach skilled in behaviour change can help you to reach your destination more efficiently.

As a certified health and life coach, Natalie has applied her skills and training to help individuals get unstuck from a range of situations.

Selected scenarios

  • Succession Planning | Unable to move forward | Loss of self

    Patriarch was unable to release any information about the family’s financial matters to the rest of the family for fear of being redundant and no longer important if he was not in control. “Who will I be? This is all I have ever known”.

    • The small steps of transformation started with envisioning and being comfortable with a different future and outcomes. With assistance, he was able to articulate and envision a new era of family life he would like to experience. The actual transition was “effortless” and “serendipitous” and far different from what his fears had led him to believe. The family was able to move forward and address urgent matters arising within the Estate once all the family members felt empowered to work towards a common harmonious vision.
  • Succession Planning | The “Elephant in the Room”

    A family were overwhelmed and anxious about implementing the necessary steps to protect the wealth and legacy for future generations. Everyone felt grid-locked and disempowered.

    • The strategy involved assisting one family member to find the courage to start the process and take small steps to break down the overwhelm into actionable items working in collaboration with professional advisers. Once the fears and anxiety were tackled at each step, gradually the confidence of all the family members grew as they could see what they were capable of and what is possible. Moving out of their comfort zone gradually and successfully created the momentum to accomplish even more together.
  • Preparing NextGen to assume Estate responsibilities

    Anxiety and fears of not having the skills and confidence to be able to take over the family’s Estate. Unable to make any decisions for fear of making a mistake and suffering humiliation resulted in inertia and short-term coping strategies.

    • New skills, confidence, resilience and an ability to see things from a different perspective enabled the NextGen to embrace the opportunities with enthusiasm and vigour. A change from being someone limited to three survival options of “freeze, fight, or flee” to becoming an “un-stoppable be-ing”.
  • Family dis-harmony | Impeding personal life and business success

    Family members were unable to communicate harmoniously and constructively about the management of assets held in common. The stress and frustration impacted all dimensions of wellness and an ability to move forward in other parts of the individual’s life, in particular, their business.

    • Changing one family member’s mindset and way of responding to the challenging circumstances in a calm and harmonious manner established a new baseline of conduct for all the family members. Elevating mental and physical well-being also enabled the individual to feel empowered in other aspects of life which were being compromised by the family conflicts.
  • Entrepreneur | Re-ignited from burning-out to burning-bright

    Successful entrepreneurs can rapidly become victims of their own success as the demands and success of business escalate but their strategy is not in place to optimise mental and physical capabilities. As mental and physical energy is depleted, so too is resilience and the ability to think clearly. The business suffers as a result.

    • A robust and holistic well-being strategy supports the entrepreneur across all four domains of resilience, provides sustainable mental and physical energy.
    • Lifestyle and behavioural changes to focus on empowered choices for nourishment.
    • Elevating the performance of the individual translates into successful business outcomes as the individual is making more effective and insightful decisions due to mental clarity, an enhanced ability to self-regulate emotions and being more tuned-into innate intelligence (where entrepreneurs truly excel) to optimise creative thinking. A grounded leader at the helm of a business who is cool, calm and collected creates an exponential impact on their team and business.
  • Capital Raising | Red flags at the first hurdle

Another common scenario. Individuals may be effective at a particular skill for running the business or trading but need some extra support to elevate their skills to be successful in attracting the capital and partners their business requires. Lack of a clear vision, feelings of self-doubt and a presentation which lacks the sustained mental and physical energy are the red flags which prevent many from passing the first hurdle in securing the outcomes they seek.

    • A holistic and robust business and personal well-being strategy focused on unlocking innate strengths, articulate the vision for success and the necessary steps to accomplish the outcomes sought. Investors are investing in the idea and the individual. Managing key person risk is crucial and routinely overlooked.
    • Optimise business success by being the grounded, calm, confident, individual who exudes the prowess and sustained vitality investors and business partners seek.