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Built by families to take control of legacy.

Managing the myriad challenges of custodianship requires focus on all that is overlooked.

Being organised and a proactive approach to sustained well-being is central for a family to survive and thrive.

Change is inevitable. Embracing change needs to be inevitable.

Being ‘well’ has an exponential impact on the world.

About Serein

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty,
lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

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Empower your Competencies

Competency is not only the skill, ability, and knowledge but also the appropriate attitude to perform a certain task effectively and sufficiently.

The more knowledge and skills you gain with a positive attitude, the deeper your competencies will be.

Embracing change and increasing competencies is a challenging journey but it is vital for legacies which endure.

Accomplishment relies on every aspect of your ‘being’ to be well.

Serein focuses on the framework and mindset to enable exceptional individuals to harness and deepen their competencies.

The process of transforming fears and limiting beliefs to connect with your personal power starts with just one question…

If I was the bravest version of myself, I would…

Estate Office

Serein selectively works with exceptional individuals and families with shared values

About us

Be Extraordinary – Do Extraordinary

Serein supports visionary leaders in their mission with a focus on empowering personal potential and steps for success.

Individuals, families and their organisations are an established driving force in deciding how and where their savings and capital are allocated to achieve impact on human well-being and the planet. They have an enhanced sense of purpose, the necessary passion, and the appropriate time horizon to enable systemic, sustainable change.

Illuminating the inspired leaders and families globally- Serein is honoured to be appointed as an Ambassador for “Investing for Global Impact”, the largest study of its kind on philanthropy and impact investing for wealthy individuals, families, family offices and foundations.

The 2020 survey “Investing for Global Impact: A Power for Good” has just been launched and is available until 26 June 2020. Participants to the survey will receive a full copy of the research in September 2020. This will be the 7th Edition. Copies of previous reports are also available here.

Participate here before 26 June 2020 if you would like to exploit the opportunity to pause, reflect, and discover more insights about your own activities and alignment with life purpose.

Serein will also offer a complimentary well-being discovery coaching session to express our gratitude for supporting inspired initiatives illuminating extraordinary endeouvours in the world.

We are reviewing candidates to be featured in the case study interviews. If you are interested, please send an overview before 26 June 2020. (One page only please).

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We do not manage investments nor provide professional advice.

We focus on the crucial administrative aspects and all the dimensions of well-being often overlooked and essential for enduring legacies.

Serein’s Selected Insights

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