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Built by families to take control of legacy.

Managing the myriad challenges of custodianship requires focus on all that is overlooked.

Being organised and a proactive approach to sustained well-being is central for a family to survive and thrive.

Change is inevitable. Embracing change needs to be inevitable.

Being the best version of yourself creates an exponential impact and the greatest ROI.


“Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty,
lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

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Be on Top | Stay Grounded

Competency is not only the skill, ability, and knowledge but also the appropriate attitude to perform a certain task effectively and sufficiently.

The more knowledge and skills you gain with a positive attitude, the deeper your competencies will be.

Resilience and the embracing change with ease is vital for legacies which endure.

Accomplishment relies on every aspect of your ‘be-ing’ to be well.

Reaching the top of the mountain top requires optimum mental and physical fitness.

SEREIN focuses on the framework and mindset to enable exceptional individuals to harness and deepen their competencies so they can be cool, calm, competent, confident and congruent.

The person who tackles the mountains every day can tackle anything.

Reach the top and stay grounded…enjoy an even sweeter view.

The process of transforming fears and limiting beliefs to connect with your personal power starts with just one question to ponder,

If I was the bravest version of myself, I would…

Estate Office

SEREIN selectively works with exceptional individuals and families committed to elevating their competence and control.

About us

Be Extraordinary – Do Extraordinary

What legacies we leave behind are determined by our thoughts and actions today.

The greatest impact on our planet is determined by the habitual choices we make every day.

How we treat our bodies affects our planet. How we treat our planet affects our bodies.

SEREIN’s impact mission is to raise the level of sustainable human health and performance so that all be-ings and our planet can thrive

Natalie works with people who are committed to reaching higher states of functioning. She applies 30 years of R&D within her uniquely combined health and life coaching practice that was inspired by her ‘first career’ in financial markets trading.

Arrange an initial discovery call with Natalie Fruchaud to take the first step to unlock the full potential of your own innate intelligence and wisdom so that you can accomplish more in life with ease.

Conscious Leadership

Illuminating the inspired leaders and families globally, SEREIN is honoured to be appointed as an Ambassador for “Investing for Global Impact”, the largest study of its kind on philanthropy and impact investing for wealthy individuals, families, family offices, and foundations.

Individuals, families, and their organisations are an established driving force in deciding how and where their savings and capital are allocated to achieve impact on human well-being and the planet. They have an enhanced sense of purpose, the necessary passion, and the appropriate time horizon to enable systemic, sustainable change.

The 7th Edition, “Investing for Global Impact: A Power for Good” has now been launched. Please contact us if you would like a fully copy of the 2020 report. A Preview Version of the 2020 report and reports from previous years are available here.

We do not manage investments nor provide professional advice.

We apply our expertise and experience for significantly better outcomes.

What would be your ROI at the end of 90 days, if you invested in upgrading your physical and mental well-being?

And the exponential pay-off of an upgraded level of mental and physical fitness across all aspects of your life?

If you were to reach the end of your life and looked back at how you lived and what you had accomplished, what would that look like?

What is stopping you from achieving your desired outcomes and vision?

What is your legacy?

Who are you and who are you be-ing?


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