Strong herds survive & thrive

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Competent & Resilient Families Thrive

SEREIN applies diverse and integrated commercial experience to protect families of significance to accomplish the clarity required to survive, thrive, and make an impact.

Founded by Natalie Fruchaud to support those managing significant wealth and a legacy to gain control of the things they can.

The few things we can control are crucial and routinely overlooked.

Circumstances cannot be controlled but how you embrace situations and change may need to be.

The small steps of tackling administrative tasks to obtain clarity, having the right mindset and well-being embody the “what do we do”.

We do not manage investments nor provide professional advice. It was Natalie’s experience in financial trading followed by working with families and family offices that led to SEREIN’s focus on hedging the risks with the largest leverage,… the individuals and the obstacles.

Independent and privately-owned, SEREIN evolved from its initial conception to support a few international families preparing for intergenerational transfers. In particular, elevating the skills, mindset and strategies of the NextGens to set them up for inevitable success.

Driven by personal experience in understanding the myriad challenges which wealth, legacy, and a family history bring, the most crucial asset to optimise is the people.

That is, individuals who have a mind and body which is energised, grounded, resilient and able to think and respond with crystal clear clarity and a quiet confidence.

Our philosophy is to empower with competence embedded within a framework of being fully aligned with the family.

Our focus is on all the aspects which are conducive to the well-being of the individual and family. All that is required for every individual to feel cool, calm, and collected.

The ‘Why under the Why’…

protect everything that is important to the family


secure its legacy for future generations.

Change is…

…an inevitable part of life and we can either choose to resist it or embrace it.

… the inevitable constant refinement of our being.

… the opportunity for personal growth.


With a mindset to simplify- SEREIN collaborates, coaches, collates, and catalyses.

We established the framework of SEREIN to provide an effective way of handling the diverse requests for assistance from our peers which ranged from seemingly small to the seemingly complex.

In all situations, accomplishing the ‘simplicity’, ‘harmony’ and ‘opportunities’ families strive for can start from elevating an individual across any of the dimensions of wellness so that they can function more effectively or it may start from addressing a specific administrative challenge.

We see opportunities where others may only see the burden and feel overwhelmed.

Strategies to embrace inevitable change and overcome feelings of overwhelm are core competencies. It starts with the right mindset and a commitment to personal growth.

Dealing with one seemingly small issue always unlocks the path to tackling the more complex ones. Inspired action and outcomes come from the courage to take small steps.

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It is a privilege to collaborate and co-create with others committed to being the best version of themselves

About Natalie

Philosophy, Values, and Outcomes:

  • Protecting all that is important to a family with a foundation based on well-being and managing “key person risk”
  • Optimise the personal growth and development of each individual
  • Sustain the ability to respond calmly, with mental clarity and emotional composure in order to protect the entire family and all that is important
  • Live according to your values and life purpose
  • Helping individuals to access their own solutions with professional coaching skills
  • Protection of the family’s assets, estate, legacy, privacy, and reputation
  • Preparing and empowering the “Next Generation” to assume their responsibilities
  • Enduring legacy and positive impact
  • Mitigate and prevent: chaos, crisis, risks and costs
  • Create order and be organised
  • Professional expertise and experience aligned with the interests of the family and not conflicted
  • Access to and the application of expertise and infrastructure to empower the family to take control of its’ own affairs
  • Uniting family members and multiple generations
  • Ensure the teams of professional advisers are effectively engaged, well prepared and with the essential coordination required
  • Collaboration with other families who have a shared empathy understanding (like-minded parties)

Serein’s Selected Insights

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