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Social Impact Benchmark for Families

SEREIN is honoured to be appointed as an Ambassador to support “Investing for Global Impact | A Power for Good” Research.

The largest report of its kind, it has become the global benchmark for the activities and opinions of private families whether they are active or not in philanthropy or impact investing.

The Case Study Interviews with visionary leaders who commit private resources for the common good inspire.

The report is conducted by Campden Wealth Research, the largest peer network for UHNWIs and family offices globally.


The 2021 Invitation to Participate is now open.

Participate here.

Participants will receive a complimentary copy.

Many find the experience of the survey constructive in revealing insights about how aligned they are or are not with their goals, values and overall mission in life.

The survey takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete (and can be paused/resumed provided the same device is used).

The survey is open to all UHNWIs, family offices, foundations whether or not they are active in impact investing or philanthropy.

As part of SEREIN’s support for impact initiatives and leaders, we will also offer a 60-minute coaching

session at a special rate to the first 10 survey participants who complete the survey before 1 May 2021.

(For confidentiality reasons, we do not know who has participated in the survey, so please contact Natalie Fruchaud if you would like to arrange your coaching session)


Download PDF Copies of Previous Reports

We offer these past reports on a complimentary basis.

We are sincerely grateful for those who utilise the reports to also contribute to the continued quality of insights by also taking the time to complete the annual survey. Invitation to participate in the 2021 survey is currently open and will close during May 2021.

  • PDFs Available Below
    • 2021- Overview and Invitation to Participate
    • 2020- Preview Version
    • Full Report PDF Versions
      • 2019
      • 2018
      • 2017
      • 2016
      • 2015
      • 2014
    • List of Case Study Interview (2014 to 2019)
  • Upon Request
    • 2020 Full version report
    • Hard copy versions of 2018, 2019, and 2020

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