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Social Impact Benchmark for Families

Serein is honoured to be appointed as an Ambassador to support “Investing for Global Impact | A Power for Good” Research.

The largest report of its kind, it has become the global benchmark for the activities and opinions of private families whether they are active or not in philanthropy or impact investing.

The Case Study Interviews with visionary leaders who commit private resources for the common good inspire.

The 2020 report is conducted by Campden Wealth Research, the largest peer network for UHNWIs and family offices globally.

Participate in the 2020 Report (only available until 26 June 2020) and receive a complimentary copy.

We also guarantee that the insightful questions will either ignite or catalyse or your own thought processes. 

Serein will also offer a complimentary 60-minute coaching session to express our gratitude for your help in supporting initiatives that illuminate positive endeavours focused on impact.

We are on an impact mission to help people feel better, perform better, and live better by helping them to achieve sustained well-being across the 8 dimensions which define wellness.

We support intelligent humans in their quest to go from functional to exponential.

Transforming one life has an exponential impact on other beings and our planet.

To protect the confidentiality of participants, we do not know who has completed the survey so please contact Natalie to arrange your coaching session.

The survey is only open until 26 June 2020 and the copies will be available in September 2020.

Participation is appreciated whether currently active or not in philanthropy, impact investing, and/or traditional investing.

Your data is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party (and this includes Serein, GIST, Barclays, or sponsors).

Download Copies of Reports:

(Available Below)

2020 Overview version.

Full PDF versions of the 2014 to 2018 reports and the 2019 Preview version.

List of Case Study Interviews 2014 to 2019.

Full hard copy versions of the 2018 and 2019 report are available upon request.

Complimentary Reports | Discover Personal Insights | Gratitude Cycle

The experience of participating in the survey is surprisingly insightful as the considered questions help you to focus your mind on your own activities and mission in life.

A commitment to participating in the survey has been for many a welcome opportunity to pause and reflect on their own trajectory and experience with ‘living a meaningful life’.

Serein has freely offered the reports from previous years containing the valuable in-depth information without being required to join our mailing list.

With our focus on well-being, keeping inboxes de-cluttered and minimising overwhelm beyond human propotions, we are trusting that those who enjoy the reports may wish to express their gratitude by participating in the survey (closing 26 June 2020)

To optimise the success of the report and richness of information, it relies upon global participation.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Enjoy the reports and please feel free to share your insights, appreciations and comments.

Best wishes, Natalie

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