Natalie Fruchaud

Founder | Managing Partner | Certified Professional Coach

A former finance professional who integrates 30 years of commercial experience and diverse coach training focused on behaviour management and human functioning to help people accomplish more personally and professionally.

Natalie is the most versatile and valuable form of support in my team. She seamlessly blends extensive commercial experience with coaching competencies that help me drive my business forward at the pace I want.

Her integrated approach has helped me personally and professionally. She helped me discover new perspectives, resources and capabilities which elevated my business outcomes. I was able to sustain the ambitious pace I had set with her assistance in optimising my energy and mental clarity.

Her unwavering belief in me, my vision and my strengths have kept me going through even the toughest moments.

I have gone from being busy and tired to balanced and productive.


Experience – Complementary – Empathy – Alignment – Holistic – Versatile

Natalie applies high-level professional experience to tasks and thought processes which require clarity and pragmatic insights.

Formerly a finance professional, she now works with individuals and families with significant responsibilities to help them protect wealth, health and legacy.

As Natalie blends commercial expertise with human performance skills, she is often described as ‘the package’ – she assists with the technical, emotional, physical, and mindset matters.

A career spanning over 30 years, she initially established SEREIN to manage NextGen issues and provide a streamlined framework to handle requests from individuals, families, family offices, and their advisers which always began with “….we wish we had someone like you sitting on our side of the table…”.

Commencing her professional career in 1990, Natalie spent close to 15 years on the trading floors of leading Financial institutions based in London focused on fixed income derivatives and ALM risk management.

During the past 15 years, she has solely been focused on assisting wealthy families and their teams of advisers to address the matters which were holding them back from experiencing clarity, harmony, and ultimate well-being.

Natalie applies her extensive professional experience and coaching protocols to support families with interwoven personal and professional matters.

With personal experience of the myriad complexities that the responsibility of custodianship entails, she assists others in a deeply empathetic manner.

She is highly valued for her calm and pragmatic approach. Due to years of trading and pricing interest rate options in the intense environment of the trading floor where precision and a focused mindset is everything, she is also able to help her clients with their mindset and perspective.

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“I work with men and women who are committed to creating a life of significance by harnessing the positives from both adversity and blessings to create a meaningful and impactful legacy”.

Natalie facilitates personal transformation based on a credentialed coaching framework to achieve the right mindset for success and sustained behavioural changes. This approach enabled her to harness over 30 years of knowledge acquired in juggling work: life balance within a results-oriented habit change methodology across multiple disciplines.

With success-oriented habits becoming effortless behaviours, you will feel liberated, energised and have the resilience to succeed in every part of your life.

The first step: How we work together If you are committed to being more fulfilled and want to overcome the obstacles holding you back from accomplishing more with ease.

Be the Change provides more insights into a selection of successful outcomes achieved by individuals committed to personal growth and liberation from impediments to thriving.

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