Natalie Fruchaud

Founder | Managing Partner | Certified Coach

A former finance professional who applies 30 years of professional experience and multiple coaching certifications encompassing health, life and nutrition to optimise human performance and fulfilment.

We wish we had someone like you sitting on our side of the table


Experience – Complementary – Empathy – Alignment – Holistic – Versatile

Natalie applies high-level professional experience to tasks and thought processes which require clarity and pragmatic insights.

Formerly a finance professional, she now works with exceptional individuals and families with a focus upon activities that help them find a way forward across every dimension of their life. Natalie is ‘the package’ – she assists with the technical, emotional, physical, and mindset matters.

A career spanning over 30 years, she initially established SEREIN to manage NextGen issues and provide a streamlined framework to handle requests from individuals, families, family offices, and their advisers which always began with “….we wish we had someone like you sitting on our side of the table…”.

Commencing her professional career in 1990, Natalie spent close to 15 years on the trading floors of leading Financial institutions based in London assisting corporate and institutional clients with their Asset and Liability Management objectives with a specialist focus on mitigating her clients’ costs and risks with fixed income derivatives.

During the past 15 years, she has solely been focused on assisting wealthy families and their teams of advisers to address the matters which were holding them back from experiencing clarity, harmony, and ultimate well-being.

Natalie applies her extensive professional experience and coaching protocols to support families with interwoven personal and professional matters.

Natalie helped me to retrain my mind and body to remain cool, calm and collected despite all the chaos going on at work and in my personal life. I never envisioned such a possibility. In one word…phenomenal.

With personal experience of the myriad complexities that the responsibility of custodianship entails, she assists others in a deeply empathetic manner.

She is highly valued for her calm and pragmatic approach. Due to years of trading and pricing interest rate options in the intense environment of the trading floor where precision and a focused mindset is everything, she is also able to help her clients with their mindset and perspective.


Natalie works with men and women who need a robust well-being strategy to keep up with their demanding lifestyles and overcome limiting beliefs so that they can accomplish more personally and professionally.

With SEREIN’s “Bespoke | 12 week | Survive & Thrive”, we help you to regain and sustain the energy and mental clarity you need to perform at your best and make an impact.

Natalie facilitates personal transformation based on a credentialed coaching framework to achieve the right mindset for success and sustained behavioural changes. This approach enabled her to harness over 30 years of knowledge acquired in juggling work: life balance within a results-oriented habit change methodology across multiple disciplines (Health Coach, Life Coach and Nutrition).

With success-oriented habits becoming effortless behaviours, you will feel liberated, energised and have the resilience to succeed in every part of your life.

The first step: If you are committed to being more fulfilled and want to overcome the obstacles holding you back from accomplishing more with ease, please contact Natalie to arrange a 30-minute Clarity call.

Be the Change provides more insights into a selection of successful outcomes achieved by individuals committed to personal growth and liberation from impediments to thriving.

Credentials in Brief

  • 30 years of professional experience working both for international financial institutions and a multi-family office.
  • Formerly financial markets trading and re-trained as a fully integrated health and life coach.
  • Training and qualifications: Health Coach | Life Coach | Nutrition Coach | HeartMath® Institute Certified coach | Functional Medicine Coach (in-training) | Equine Facilitated Learning Coach (in-training).
  • Master of habit and behavioural change coaching | Cardiac coherence certified coach for resilience/strategic stress management
  • International Coaching Federation (ACC Path)
  • National Board Certification for Health & Wellness Coaching (“NBHWC”) (Preparation for admission October 2021; Functional Medicine Coach | Association with The National Board of Medical Examiners).
  • Established SEREIN, Family Estate Office to manage the responsibilities of generational changes efficiently and to provide a structured framework for managing requests for assistance from others.
  • 20 years managing financial market risk for clients with fixed income derivatives and capital markets solutions.
  • Focused on applying personal and professional experience to empower others with a foundation philosophy to be aligned and impartial.
  • Personal experience of stress-induced health conditions, holistic stress management, and devising holistic well-being strategies due to a career working in high-performance environments.
  • Masters in Wealth Management (Financial Markets I), UK Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment.
  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Major in Marketing), University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Contact Natalie

Natalie is the embodiment of what our family needed. She is a unique combination of the technical and the intuitive. With her calm and pragmatic manner, she helped us find our way back to joy and harmony.

Be organised | Where and how to begin…

Every situation is unique and the variety of matters we have assisted with is diverse.

SEREIN has dealt with seemingly small and insignificant requests for assistance which have enabled the family and their advisers to discover and address more fundamental risks and costs.

If it is deemed mutually constructive to engage SEREIN for assistance, working in coordination with the family’s team of advisers, SEREIN articulates and implements a concise strategy so that there is a clear procedure of governance and accountability.

Every family is unique.

Their branches twist and turn in different directions.

They are perfectly imperfect.

Families with strong roots grow stronger together.

SEREIN does not as a matter of policy provide regulated or professional advice.

SEREIN does not sell products or manage investments.

When we are doing ‘intellectual administration’, we focus on the critical aspects which are outside the scope of traditional advisers and support their engagement. No advice, just illumination, order and clarity.

When we are coaching, we help you to find the answers within you and elevate you to a higher state of functioning.

SEREIN’s Selected Insights

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