Be Resilient

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Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.

By building greater resilience reserves, you will be better prepared, have greater flexibility, make more intelligent decisions, and remain cool, calm and collected in challenging situations or whatever arises.

You will have a more positive impact on your own health, perform at your best and experience more harmonious relationships.

Increasing your resilience capacity across the four interrelated domains is achieved through managing energy allocated to tasks and thoughts, emotional self-regulation and choosing how you respond to stressful situations.

You have the innate ability to elevate and sustain your resilience.

It just requires expert guidance to answer the “how do I…?”  and commitment.


Be in Your “Peak – Zone”

SEREIN’s bespoke well-being programmes also incorporate techniques employed by individuals whose success relies solely on their mental and physical capacities to elevate resilience reserves, maintain optimal peak performance and stay in “the zone”.

You will not only feel and perform better but we will be able to track your physiological performance indicators in real-time by measuring Heart Rate Variability and coherence.

By training yourself to take control of your body’s automated response to stressful events and negative thought patterns, one key outcome is mental clarity and more effective decision-making capabilities as a different part of the brain will be activated.

Our comprehensive approach is the result of 30 years of knowledge and experience acquired by SEREIN’s founder, Natalie Fruchaud, whose first career was spent in derivatives trading followed by assisting individuals and families with matters arising from the custodianship of significant wealth.

With more than 20 years working in highly pressurised and challenging environments and situations, Natalie created a framework of transformation based on the modalities of health and life coaching intertwined with science-based exercises for optimising brainpower.

Tackling the ‘mountain’ of things that life throws at you starts with tackling ‘who are you be-ing’?

The first step, arrange a discovery call with Natalie.

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SEREIN | Intelligent Energy Management | How to…

Complimentary resource attached below prepared by SEREIN providing insights into…..the “How to…” of building resilience and optimise human functioning.

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